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All About Reading

All About Reading

Make Reading Your Student's Favorite Subject of the Day!

All About Readingis a fun and engaging program that has everything your student needs to become a fluent reader for life!

This scripted, open-and-go program was developed for busy parents, teachers, and tutors who want to teach reading in the most effective way possible.

  • Research-based multisensory instruction with lightly scripted lessons that give results with only 20 minutes a day
  • Proven, mastery-based program that covers phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension ensuring no gaps in learning
  • Backed by our amazing one-year money-back guarantee and lifetime support

Pre-reading Program

All About Reading Pre-reading
  • Designed for preschoolers and kindergarteners
  • Builds a solid foundation for learning to read
  • It feels like play, but your child will actually be learning essential pre-reading skills

勒vel 1

All About Reading Level 1
  • Covers letter sounds for A-Z, plus consonant teams TH, SH, CH, CK, NG, and NK
  • Dozens of colorful activities and games reinforce the lessons
  • Includes 52 full-color decodable stories that are sure to delight your child

勒vel 2

All About Reading Level 2
  • Teaches 12 new phonograms, including EE, ER, AR, OR, OY, AW, and OW
  • Colorful hands-on activities make review time fun
  • Includes 27 full-color decodable short stories, along with comprehension activities

勒vel 3

All About Reading Level 3
  • Students learn 16 new phonograms, including OA, IR, IGH, EW, KN, and TI
  • Packed with colorful activities and games to keep kids motivated
  • 25 full-color decodable stories help increase comprehension

勒vel 4

All About Reading Level 4
  • This final level teaches 15 new phonograms, including EY, UI, PH, OUGH, SI, and RH
  • Dozens of colorful activities teach comprehension skills and fluency
  • Includes 29 full-color decodable stories that provide practice and build confidence

Tiles and Boxes

Tiles and Boxes
  • 勒tter Tiles are a one-time purchase per household that includes every tile needed forAll About Reading勒vels 1-4 andAll About Spelling勒vels 1-7
  • Review Boxes come with divider cards and are perfect for storing and organizing flashcards.
  • Store your materials with our sturdy tote bag!

Look InsideAll About Reading

All About Readingis a truly multisensory program.Your student will stay actively involved in the learning process with activities that teach through sight, sound, and touch. Students who useAll About Readingtend to feel a sense of excitement in learning. And they should! They are learning how to think, explore, and grow in their abilities.

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Sarah Mackenzie

The hands-down reading instruction choice in my own home."

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Holly Huffstutler

Friends ask why my kids read and write so well ...it's All About Learning Press!"

Holly HuffstutlerAAR and AAS user
Marianne Sunderland

Our favorite curriculum for teaching reading to our kids with dyslexia."

Marianne SunderlandHomeschooling with Dyslexia

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Our "Go Ahead and Use It" Guarantee

Check out all of the step-by-step lesson plans and reading and spelling tips for ONE FULL YEAR. Treat the program like your own, and learn everything the program has to offer.

If you purchase from us and decide it's not for you, simply send the package back (in any condition), and we'll refund your purchase price. No questions asked.

Have Questions?

Choosing the right reading program is an important decision! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

勒vels and Placement

Do you haveAll About Readingplacement tests?

We want to be sure your child is placed in the correct level, and the placement tests are a great place to start. You can findAll About Readingplacement testshere.

如果你有额外的关于位置的问题,pleasecontact us!

How many levels are inAll About Reading?

All About Readingconsists of four levels (Levels 1-4), plus a Pre-reading program. Learn more aboutAARhere.

After completing Level 4, your child has all the skills needed to decode just about any word. Read more about what you can doafter your child completes Level 4.

Do you haveAll About Readinglesson samples?

You can findAll About Readingsampleshere.

Do you have a scope and sequence?

You can download PDFs of the Scope and Sequence for each level ofAll About Readinghere:

How can I tell if my child is ready to read?
OurReading Readiness Checklistcan help you decide whether your child is ready to begin the reading program or if your student would benefit from going through ourPre-reading programfirst.
IsAll About Readingeffective for older students?

All About Readingis very effective forstruggling learnersofallages. The program builds a strong foundation by ensuring that there are“no gaps”in your child's knowledge. Download ourfree placement teststo help place your student in the right level, and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions about placement–we'd love to help!

What is the age range for usingAll About Reading?

All About Readingis used by students of all ages, including pre-readers, teens, and adults.

New Editions and Correlations

Can I still buy materials from previous editions ofAll About Reading?

We no longer carry materials from previous editions. Please check ourCorrelation Guidesto see how to mix and match editions.

Can I mix and match earlier editions ofAll About Reading?

Details about Teaching Reading

How long are daily lessons inAll About Reading?

We recommend spending about 20 minutes per day on reading lessons, but you can adjust this recommendation for early readers or older remedial students. In addition, we recommend reading aloud to your child for 20 minutes per day. Learn more inthis article.

How long will it take for my child to become a fluent reader?

Fluent readingtakes practice. In fact, your child may need to read a word thirty times before he can read it without sounding it out. With this in mind,All About Readinguses a variety of methods to help children get the practice they need, including activities and games,letter tile demonstrations,fluency pageswith words, phrases, and sentences, and fullydecodable readers. You will also spend a few minutes each day with the word cards, which help you track the words your child has mastered and those for which he needs ongoing practice. We also include a variety of exercises designed to help your child work on reading with accuracy, meaningful expression, and natural phrasing.

How are sight words handled inAll About Reading?

In theAll About Readingprogram, our goal is tominimizethe number of sight words your child needs to memorize, whilemaximizing他成功地掌握这些单词的能力。勒arn more about our approach inthis article on sight words.

DoesAll About Readingteach reading comprehension?

The ultimate goal ofAll About Readingis reading comprehension. We coverreading comprehensionin every story lesson throughout the program. For complete information and a video, visitHow to Teach Reading Comprehension.

My child guesses at words when reading. CanAll About Readinghelp?

All About Readingteaches a word blending procedure that will break the guessing habit. You can read about it inthis article.

Do you have more questions? Pleaseget in touch! We're happy to help.

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