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All About Spelling Level 5

All About Spelling Materials
All About Spelling Level 5 Teacher's Manual Cover
All About Spelling Level 5 Student Packet
All About Spelling Level 5 Student Packet Cover
All About Spelling Level 5 Stickers

CHOKING HAZARD - Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

    Here's What You'll Need for Level 5

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      Package includes: one Teacher's Manual and one Student Packet.

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      Spelling Review Box

      这是一个一次性(每个学生购买)。用于store and organize theAll About SpellingPhonogram Cards, Sound Cards, Rule Cards, and Word Cards.

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      This is a one-time purchase per household. Includes every tile needed for bothAASandAAR, magnets, and two storage bags.

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    Teaching Multiple Students?

    All About Spellingmakes it easy to teach multiple students! If you're teaching more than one child, you'll need to purchase a few individual products for each child.



    Price $19.99

    The Letter Tiles app for tablets can be usedin place of or in addition tothe physical Letter Tiles. The Letter Tiles app can be purchased from the app store of your choice and is available for iPad, Android, and Amazon Fire tablets as well as touch-enabled Chromebooks.

    • Build and divide words into syllables
    • Quickly and easily hear the sounds of the phonograms
    • No more lost letter tiles!

    Placement for Level 5

    Students should completeAll About SpellingLevel 4before starting Level 5.All About Spellingis a building-block program: each level builds upon the previous one. In order to build a strong foundation, most students start with Level 1. You can use ourplacement testto determine which level is best for your student. If you decide to start at a higher level, you will need to purchase flashcards from all previous levels for review purposes. To purchase these separately or if you have placement questions, pleasecontact us, and we'd be happy to help!

    Look Inside Level 5

    See What's Taught

    Table of Contents

    Scope and Sequence

    Level 5 Teacher's Manual


    How many lessons are in Level 5?

    Level 5 has 28 lessons. Please know that the lessons inAll About Spellingare not meant to be completed in one day.

    事实上,有些课可能需要一周或更长的时间inish. A number of variables contribute to how quickly a lesson can be completed, including your student's age, attention span, and prior experience, and the difficulty of the concept being taught.

    What if I have more than one student?

    If you are teaching more than one student at a time, you will need to order one additional Student Packet and one additional Spelling Review Box for each additional student. The Level 5 Materials contain enough for teaching one student.

    If you will be reusing your Level 5 Materials for future students, you can reuse the Student Packet. Download extra consumable components of the Level 5 Student Packet here:

    Can I get extra copies of the Progress Chart and Certificate of Achievement?

    Yes! You can download them here:

    I already purchased the Letter Tiles to use withAll About Reading. Do I need to purchase an additional Letter Tiles kit?

    Our Letter Tiles are designed to be used for bothAll About ReadingandAll About Spellingand include all letter tiles needed for every level of both programs. You will only need one kit per household. If you purchased your Letter Tiles before April 2023, see additional information in the "Previous Editions" FAQ section below.

    I already purchased a Reading Review Box. Do I still need to purchase a Spelling Review Box?

    Yes. Each box comes with divider cards, and these are different for reading and spelling. Also, you will want a separate Spelling Review Box to store and organize the flashcards that come in yourAll About SpellingStudent Packet. If you are teaching multiple students, we recommend purchasing separate review boxes for each child.

    Are you creating color editions for AAS 3-7?

    Yes, we are! We'll announce additional levels on our social media pages and ournewsletteras we get closer to the release dates.

    Previous Editions

    I purchased the Letter Tiles kit prior to April 2023. Do I need to purchase the revised Letter Tiles kit?

    The older kit did not include specialty tiles (Syllable Tags, prefixes, and suffixes). Instead, these were included in the Level 2-7 Student Packets as needed. The Level 2-7 Student Packets will continue to include specialty tiles to ensure customers still receive all the tiles needed for the program. However, there have been multiple improvements to our new Letter Tiles kit that might benefit you, such as:

    • Every tile needed for all levels ofAll About ReadingandAll About Spellingincluding prefixes, suffixes, Greek word parts, and Latin word parts
    • Tokens to use withAll About SpellingLevel 1
    • Updated Syllable Tags that will be used for both programs
    • 2 zip storage bags for easy organization

    What happened to your Interactive Kits?

    We've made purchasing even easier! Due to customer feedback, we have phased out our Interactive Kits. Instead, the信瓷砖now include all tiles needed for all levels ofAll About ReadingandAll About Spellingand are purchased separately as a one-time purchase. The divider cards are also now included with the review boxes.

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